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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Dessert Crepes

27 Apr, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

Ever notice how many creperies are around? So disappointing, as I’ve yet to find any with gluten-free crepes.  So, per the usual, I decided to take matters into my own hands and came up with this yummy dessert crepe. You will love it! And it…

Gluten/Dairy-Free Dandelion Stir-fry with Brussel Sprouts

08 Apr, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

Ever thought about eating dandelions and brussel sprouts?! While I thought initially this might be a bizarro combo, I’ve learned that it’s delish. Dandelion is great for digestion too, so start tossing it into salads and other stir-fry dishes. This is a light spring time…

Wheat/Dairy-Free Shepherd’s Pie

01 Apr, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

You will love this recipe – the lamb is a lovely touch. And it makes excellent leftovers. Enjoy! Lamb Shepherd’s Pie 1 lb lean ground lamb 1 large red onion, sliced 1 medium carrot, chopped 1 stick celery, chopped 1 c frozen peas 1 c…

Cold River Potato Vodka – Great Gluten-Free Option

05 Mar, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

Drinking gluten-free can be a bit tricky. Potato vodka is a-okay (and I love it with some club soda and lime), but unfortunately, not all bars/restaurants carry it. Which is why it’s always a good idea to have some at home, so you aren’t left…

Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free Pizza

15 Feb, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

So while I typically eat gluten-free, this pizza dough was too amazing to resist. Besides, my man and I made this together – it was a lot of fun and was seriously the best pizza we’ve ever had. Enjoy! Wheat-Free & Dairy-Free Pizza 3 cups…

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, No Sugar RAW Brownies

05 Feb, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

I found this recipe on LearnRawFood.com, made a few adjustments and fell in LOVE with it! Had to share. It’s a great way to get your chocolate fix – totally naturally. No cooking required, so it’s a pretty immediate indulgence – in a healthy way….

Snack of the Century: Wisconsin Acres Honey & Almonds

28 Jan, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

I love sweets and I love snacking. So imagine my delight when in a sweets craving frenzy I drizzled Wisconsin Acres Honey over raw almonds to get my fix. This is the best honey you will ever have! Seriously. Totally raw and delicious – all…

Acorn Squash Deliciousness

18 Jan, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

Acorn squash is my newest obsession. They make a great breakfast or lunch (half of one anyway!) Use this super easy recipe to enjoy this warm, soothing and filling dish. 1 acorn squash1 T Smart Balance Light butter1 T cinnamon1 T agave nectar Preheat oven…

Burger King Joins the Gluten-Free Bandwagon

10 Jan, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

While I would never condone eating at Burger King, this recent news item caught my attention. The King has decided to release a list of gluten-free foods on their menu. Before you know it, we may have a gluten-free Whopper. Wouldn’t that be cool?! Not…

Sweet Potato Casserole: Wheat/Dairy/Sugar-Free Oh My!

03 Jan, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

Holidays mean sweet potatoes for me, or maybe just an excuse to indulge in my favorite potato. Either way, I’ve been going sweet potato crazy. I’ve been sauteing them in veggie stir-fry’s, grilling them for sweet potato fries and mashing them for delish mash potatoes…