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 “When two hearts join in ecstasy and rapture, an army of light ascends and the world is brought closer to heaven. Literally. The beloved’s hand on us, like a baby’s hand, holds a power that is straight from God. Heaven is, in metaphysical terms, the experience of our oneness. The world is a holographic universe, with every piece containing the whole. An enchanted love, an awakened love, between two people is a blessing on the entire world. The question becomes, how can the world be blessed by our having found each other?”  -Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love

You’ve come together with your Beloved, and now you would like to share this love and commitment with those closest to you. The energy of the individual who officiates your wedding can have a powerful impact on your marriage ritual. This ritual is filled with Spirit, with light and with support from the physical and non-physical realms. Having an officiant you resonate with and who can hold the energy and space for your ceremony can make your wedding day all the more filled with joy.

I absolutely love officiating weddings and look forward to the opportunity to support you and your Beloved as you begin your marriage journey together! So many of my clients are finding their Beloveds from our focused work together that officiating weddings is becoming another extension of my being in service. Please take a look at my offerings below and feel free to reach out with any questions.*


  • Officiate wedding ceremony chosen by the couple, to be provided to me at least 30 days in advance of the wedding.  $65 – Purchase here.

Customized Ceremony Creation

  • Customized wedding ceremony creation, drawing from the book Sacred Ceremony and any other traditions the couple would like included in the ceremony.  Includes intake form via email. Your choice of phone or email conversation re: ceremony flow after intake forms are received. Once intake forms are received, a first draft of the ceremony will be created. Up to 5 maximum back and forth drafts of the ceremony are included in this price. $250 – Purchase here.

The Full Ceremony & Wedding Support Package

  • Customized wedding ceremony creation (see above).
  • 2 Relationship Dynamic BodyTalk sessions to support the bride and groom in their preparation as husband and wife. This supports shifting into the new roles as “husband” and “wife” and supports moving the energetic matrix into the sacred contract of marriage. Sessions take place via phone or remotely.
  • 1 Wedding matrix session to support an ease-ful, joyous day. Works with the energy dynamic that is created by this event and supports all key elements – including attendees, family relations, wedding ceremony and reception flow, etc.
  • $605 – Purchase here.


  • Relationship Dynamic Session – Via phone or remotely $175 – Purchase here.
  • Wedding matrix session – remote $85 – Purchase here.
  • Marriage Blessing – channeled from Spirit and shared with you via email to use in any wedding materials, share with your guests or to keep privately to support the start of your marriage – $85 – Purchase here.

*For weddings outside of the Portland, Oregon area, please contact me regarding travel arrangements, as this will impact pricing.