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3 Steps to Remember That You’re Awesome

13 Aug, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

You are awesome. Innately, wholly and totally, you are an amazing human being. In fact, there is no one on this planet just like you. You have gifts to give to your friends, family, community and the world that no one else can give and…

Get Rich With These 3 Tips

11 Jun, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

I used to think money was bad. I had been told by religion, New Age spirituality, society and my family that being rich was a “bad” thing, part of the “ego” and the opposite of spiritual. But as it so turns out, being rich isn’t…

This Man’s Engagement Is a Win for Everyone

08 May, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

The news of George Clooney’s recent engagement to Amal Alamuddin seemed to ripple into the far corners of the Western world shocking everyone, including myself. I mean, could it really be true? Could the ultimate bachelor suddenly have decided that “forever love” was now in…

My Confession: I Didn’t Know How to Be a Woman

22 Mar, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

I was born a woman. But, I had no clue about what it meant to truly be a woman. Instead, I learned from the well-meaning women in my life that being a woman meant: • Sucking it up and working hard because the man in…

Stop Venting, Start Feeling & Heal Your Life

28 Feb, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

The car in front of me was — in my opinion — not moving fast enough. I was in a hurry and was running dangerously close to being late for my class. I could not believe that the Toyota Camry in front of me thought…

If You Want More Love In Your Life – Do This

15 Feb, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

This post is my invitation to you to intentionally contribute to allowing the world to be what it really is more of the time – Love. Knowing that what you give and put out into the world, you receive 1000-fold. Love is truly available to…

Make 2014 Your Best Yet

29 Dec, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

The ritual below takes about an hour and will not only shift the possibilities of your 2014 to a new vibrational frequency but it will also allow you to connect with your soul on a deeper level and thus radiate a vibrational light that will…

Rock Your Life & Live Your Truth

22 Dec, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

I just sat on my couch and cried. And despite my previous relationship of self-pity and victimhood with crying, these were not those kind of tears. They were actually tears of joy. Tears of complete and utter joy streaming down my face as I said…

5 Reasons Critics Don’t Matter

01 Dec, by Heather Strang in Uncategorized

It was a beautiful and bright Saturday afternoon. My closest friend and I sat outside sipping the last of the summer’s rosé as we took in the sights at the outdoor wine bar we were nestled in. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she said it….