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More Love For You – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

09 Feb, by Audrey Gates in Uncategorized

The Valentine’s Lovefest is in full effect. You can’t walk more than a few steps without running into candied hearts, chocolates, teddy bears, and diamonds (I happened to run into a whole case full of diamonds yesterday and could not stop batting my eyes at…

How To Make 2015 Your “Richest” Year Yet

19 Jan, by Audrey Gates in Uncategorized

I love life and love living it to the fullest. I want the richest life possible. — Richard Branson We each have an amazing opportunity to make 2015 our “richest” year yet, a life not only filled with monetary abundance, but an abundance of love,…

How to Have The Best Holiday Ever

22 Dec, by Audrey Gates in Uncategorized

You know that time is coming, right? When you load up the car and make your way… back home. Maybe it’s down the street or an hour’s drive or just a Skype session away. Whatever the stitch, the holidays often mean returning back to old…

Why You’re Afraid & How to Change It

24 Sep, by Audrey Gates in Uncategorized

I was terrified. Engaged to the most amazing man I had ever known, my business thriving at levels that exceeded every possible expectation I ever had, and with the release of my first novel The Quest, endorsed by New York Times Bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein — I clearly…

Change the World With These Simple Actions

16 Sep, by Audrey Gates in Uncategorized

It’s easy to see what we don’t like in the world — whether it be in government, politics and religion, or in our personal world — at our kids school, our workplace or in our relationship(s). And it’s easy to think that if this guy…

#TheQuestMagic – Photo Contest!

02 Sep, by Audrey Gates in Tour, Uncategorized

You are now empowered to go on your own sexy, spiritual romantic Quest with the release of The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic in paperback!   Kathryn learned that the journey within was paramount to her Quest for The One. So, in the spirit…

3 Steps to Get What You Want

02 Sep, by Audrey Gates in Uncategorized

We all want something. I’m not talking about a lox & cream cheese bagel sandwich on a Saturday morning or even that super hot fuchsia dress at the boutique down the street. I’m talking about the big stuff. Our heart’s deepest desires. Whether It’s our…