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While other kids played house, I pretended to be a savvy magazine editor. Since the time I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a writer. Surrounded by Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe (let’s just say I went through a very dark short story writing period!), I announced to my mom at age 15 that I would make my living as a writer. She rolled her eyes. My global studies teacher told me not to waste my time – there were already 1,000 journalists in Oregon without jobs. Meanwhile, I filled journals with poems, short stories and essay’s.

Even so, my head – or the voices of all the adults around me – won out and I chose the practical route. I went on to spend roughly 10 years in Marketing and Public Relations. Then, I hit a wall. I. Could. Not. Go. On. Anymore.

My soul was dying.

So, I did what any 20-something does when they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. I quit my corporate job with all of it’s bonuses, benefits and cash, and started my own business as a freelance journalist (I had been freelancing on the side for four years at this point). I had one regular gig at $300 a month. I also decided to be the first person in my entire family to receive a college degree and I enrolled at Portland State University.

People said I was crazy. I wouldn’t make it. But, I did. In fact, I thrived.
I never borrowed money for my business (or food or laundry soap – or any of it!) and I graduated PSU Summa Cum Laude.

Something interesting happened along the way (well, many interesting things happened along the way, but that’s for another time). I began to feel, amidst the news reports, dining reviews and lifestyle pieces that I had to do more. I had to find a way to make the world better. I became a certified Master Success Coach and spent two years writing on the side and Coaching more than 500 adult students towards academic and life success through InsideTrack.

But still, it wasn’t enough.

My body had other plans for me any way. I got sick. Very sick. So sick that no removal of an ovarian tumor or weekly visits to a naturopath, acupuncturist, massage therapist, therapist, and Coach could help me. Everyone was stumped. I was sick and no one knew why. I was gaunt, had zero energy and felt helpless. At the suggestion of a friend, I took a drastic step toward healing. In 2008, I spent two and a half weeks in a remote Brazilian village and received psychic surgery from the renowned healer John of God. (Read the full accounting of the trip in these posts: Lesson 1, People of Brazil, John of God Ass-Kicking, Part Deux, I’ll Return, The People at the Casa.)

I had no idea at the time, but my life would never be the same.

In two-and-a-half weeks I returned to my normal weight, and all pain and inflammation dissolved. I was completely healed. And all because some man who channels spirit guides prayed over me. It was a game changer, to say the least.

Shortly thereafter, I packed up all my things and moved to Kauai. While there, I wrote my first book of poetry. I became Reiki attuned. I meditated daily. I received regular healing sessions; trying on every form of healing possible. I knew I was meant to share healing  with others – and I did in many ways with words – but I still felt the desire to perform hands-on healing work.

“Let yourself be silently drawn By the stronger pull of what You really love.” -Rumi

And then, in 2009, back in Oregon to promote my book, I faced another health crisis. I hit the usual wall. Nothing worked. I pondered returning to Brazil. Then, at the suggestion of a friend (Are you seeing a pattern here? This is how the Universe works!) I discovered BodyTalk. During my first session I knew I would have to learn the system and share it with others. I signed up for the training the following week. I knew better. When the Universe presented signs to me, I had to act.

And that brings me to today. I’m a writer (and my first spiritual romance novel has been optioned as a film and I currently have a book deal with White Cloud Press!) and a soul alignment facilitator. My greatest challenges in life have led to my greatest healing and learning. Sharing this with others is truly holy work – work – that I am so grateful to be part of.

So, that’s my story. Or part of it anyway.
In the meantime, know that you deserve all the health, joy, love and peace in the world. We all do.

Oh, and I love you.
I really do.