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26 Apr / The Universe Reorganizes When We Ignore Guidance (Thank god!)

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MeonbeachgulfSome days I really want what I want.

Like when I was so sick of the Oregon weather (which btw, has been pretty epic for the past year and I legitimately had/have nothing to complain about) and decided that I wanted a quick and easy warm beach getaway before my pilgrimage to Brazil to see John of God.

When a girl I had known for several years moved to Galveston, Texas with a Gulf of Mexico view and suggested I come visit – I jumped at the chance. When she said I could crash at her place, do what I wanted and we would hang out off and on throughout the visit, I thought, “This is too good to be true!” (Note to self: if this thought crosses your mind, investigate it.) Freedom, flexibility and the Gulf of Mexico? How could I say no? Well, I should have said no. If I look back on the moment I booked the trip I heard that quiet voice within saying the same thing.

But, like I mentioned – I really wanted what I wanted – so I batted said voice away and proceeded on.

Besides, I had never seen the Gulf of Mexico and I hadn’t seen this particular friend in quite some time. True, we hadn’t seen each other much because our lives were in completely different places.  Essentially, we were no longer hanging out in the same vibration. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just what is.

But, I wanted what I wanted, so I carried on.

The Universe though, not to be deterred, worked to send me messages with greater frequency. I stopped hearing from my friend until just two days before the trip. Every time I told someone I was going to Galveston, Texas they told me how horrible it was and how going there was a terrible idea (I know, Universe – you were telling me all along!). I booked the flight via Southwest (and I hate flying Southwest, so I have no idea why I booked with them), which meant I could have changed the flight with no transfer fees.

To add to all of that, about three days before the trip, I woke up knowing I shouldn’t go. I was irritated; I wanted my easy beach getaway!


  • Consulted my inner guidance in meditation. Got a “no.”
  • Tried my pendulum. Got another “no.”
  • I consulted my best friend. She suggested I change the flight – why not go on a getaway by myself? I was tired of traveling by myself so I ignored that idea.
  • I asked my pendulum again. Was it in my highest good to go to Galveston? The answer was “no.”
  • Hmm…Could I go anyway? Dear god, I am stubborn.  After all of that, I finally got the “yes” I was wanting.

And so, I went. AND, despite experiencing flight delays and sitting on the tarmac for almost an hour after landing the Universe relented.

You see, I wanted what I wanted.
Fortunately for me, the Universe recalibrates and reorganizes even when I willfully try to make things happen.

My first full day there – even before I realized what I was dealing with –  the Universe sent an angel to rescue me from this out-of-my-alignment situation. Literally, this person/angel worked to make sure we connected. So when my friend freaked out (I’ll spare you the silly details – only to say I haven’t experienced so much drama since my early 20’s) and told me I wasn’t welcome to stay with her anymore, the Universe had already moved heaven and Earth to make sure I was fully supported and taken care of. This angel took care of everything for me – made sure I had a place to stay, a ride back to the airport that was 45 minutes away and plenty of food and rest at my disposal.

While in the midst of all of the weirdness, which I now fondly refer to as a “vortex of crazy”  – I was in a state of much internal stress. I was so confused; how did I get here? (Um, by not listening to your intuition. My inner dialogue – so cute!) Since finding BodyTalk more than three years ago I have experienced more peace than ever before. After living a life filled with far too much drama (wait for my memoir to get all that scoop!), this was a welcome relief. So, it was ironic that during my “relaxing beach vacation” I found myself stranded in Galveston, Texas with enough stress to make me tap Cortices every five minutes.

I immediately reached out to my supports and received a distance BodyTalk session right away (toxic friends were being cleared from my system – down to the cellular level – once and for all apparently), my sister didn’t hold back from scolding me (in a way I needed) reminding me that my long-standing habit of allowing not-healthy-for-me people into my life needed to end once and for all. She made me promise I would release any remaining out-of-my-alignment peeps. I promised and thanked the Universe a million times over for reorganizing itself despite my will to make what I wanted happen.

Ultimately, though, this experience was  a complete and total blessing for me:

  • First, I was reminded of the power of the Universe to reorganize and support us even when we don’t follow the signs. That didn’t mean I was protected from stress – I was extremely upset and stressed out by the entire turn of events – but I was beyond grateful to see the Universe shifting and moving so I would ultimately be safe.
  • Second, I was touched by the kindness of people who did not know me at all, but who rallied and rescued me from a very uncomfortable situation. I was so grateful for the reminder that if I want to have high vibing experiences I have to only ever spend time with high vibing people (apparently I needed a bigger reminder of this fact!). Who we spend time with will shape and affect our experiences. While I’m usually good at this, as my sister noted, I have, over the years been one to allow not-so-good-for-me people (who not surprisingly often mirrored personality types I had grown up with, i.e. my mother) into my life for longer than necessary periods of time. That had to stop. I recommitted to this and let go of a couple of people who were still in my life that were not fully walking a path either I wanted to be on or was on.

  • And finally, I was reminded (yet again) of the value of following my guidance completely. I don’t need to understand why I have an intuitive hit or what it means. All I need to do is follow it. I don’t need to have another Galveston, Texas experience to know that when I feel like I shouldn’t do something – I shouldn’t do it. It isn’t my responsibility (or yours) to make other people feel okay by doing things out of obligation. It is my responsibility (and yours) to thine own self be true – 100 percent of the time. Because when we do, everyone wins.
  • One more finally worth mentioning – when I returned home from this experience I had emails and texts waiting for me from many clients and friends who “felt” something was “off” for me during this time period. Some knew I was traveling, others didn’t. One client had a dream about me – that I was sad and in need of help (indeed, I cried many tears during this whole thang – mostly in angst at myself for not listening to my intuition!), others said they kept thinking of me and wondering if I was okay. Thank you for your emails and outreach! It was such a powerful reminder that we are all truly connected. I am so blessed to have you all in my world!

I did a disservice to myself and to my “friend” by not listening to my intuition. She no doubt didn’t want to have that experience either I’m sure! And while since then I’ve sent her love and we’ve now “amicably” parted as friends – this was something I should have done years ago, but rationalized away. Having this experience reminded me that I cannot have any leaks in my energy field. If a person/place/thing is not in alignment with me – it is not in alignment with me. When we’re no longer in alignment – it doesn’t mean anyone or anything is “bad” or “wrong,” it’s just no longer in our highest good. There needn’t be judgment, only acceptance. And the fact of the matter is,  I honor myself and others the most when I follow my intuition and dis-engage when I am guided to.

By the time you read this, I will be en route to Brazil to see John of God for the second time in five years. I am loving that – unlike my Galveston experience – the closer I’ve gotten to this moment, the more excited I’ve become by this opportunity for deep spiritual development, along with tremendous heart opening as I begin to feel the Casa once again. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead (and with the way my life has been expanding and shifting, who knows what amazing-ness may unfold!) and you can trust that I will share more of my experience with you here in the months to come.

In the meantime, let my story be a reminder for you. Follow your intuition. Please. For the love of all that is good and right. I’m begging you. Oh, and tap Cortices and receive BodyTalk. 😉

Love you all more than words can express – thank you for reading and for all your support!

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  • Jacquelyn

    Thank you for sharing, it is a great reminder.

  • Jo Ostgarden

    We have all been there Heather, but you did a great job of making sense out of how this happens and reminding everyone to follow their bliss but only after they check it out with their higher self.

  • Wendy Lynne

    We first thought was why would any one go to Galveston for a vacation. LOL Thank you for sharing that learning. I am in a similar situation and reading this was my imputus to let that acquaintance go!

  • Heather Strang

    I know, right? My bad! 😉 And, soooo amazing as a teacher for me. Who knew really great things could come from Galveston, Texas??? 😉 Love! xo

  • Heather Strang

    Yes, for sure! And what I love is that even if we don’t follow the inner guidance, we are still taken care of. Of course, it’s a lot more fun and blissful when we do, but it was really comforting knowing that the Universe always has my (and everyone’s) back. So nothing is ever truly “bad” – it is always an opportunity. The question is – how big and dramatic do we need our “opportunities” to be? That’s when following our guidance serves us the most. Then things don’t have to be as big and dramatic. Love! xo

  • Heather Strang

    Love girl! xo

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