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01 Nov / Love YOU, The Rest Will Follow

I’m thinking about love a lot these days. As I prepare to officiate my first wedding (on 11/11, no less!), I cannot help but reflect on our innate desire to experience love in our lives – not only with another but in everything we do.

Love drives us, fuels us, makes the richness of life so much, well, richer. And when love is what is guiding us, everything we do has more meaning, more depth and more alive-ness. It’s also a lot more fun!

However, all this yumminess doesn’t come from one person, one event or one experience. It doesn’t come from outside of us at all. True love, in it’s deepest form, comes from within.

In fact, as one of my favorite authors Brene Brown writes in her book The Gifts of Imperfection, we can only love others to the degree with which we love ourselves. (Gasp! And yes, it’s truth.)

As we wrap up my final Manifest True Love series for 2012, I’m seeing this truth even more. When we love and appreciate ourselves, at the core, it doesn’t matter if anyone else loves us. And when it doesn’t matter if anyone else loves us, everyone and everything loves us.

Why? Because there are finally no more barriers that say, “I’m not lovable.” The Universe can then respond in abundance with all the love you’ve ever desired because love is who you truly are.

The question is – are you loving YOU first and allowing the rest to follow?

If not, I encourage you sit quietly in meditation, oneĀ  hand on your heart, visualizing green light emanating from your heart center. Ask your true self what it needs to feel/be/do/have more love. Journal afterwards and take action on at least one aspect that was revealed to you. And feel free to hit me up with what results – via the comments below. You know how much I love this stuff!

Want some more love inspiration? Check out this fabulous piece by Kris Carr from The Daily Love who has lived with cancer for over 10 years and knows all about love and health (psst…they are totally intertwined!).

With so much love & gratitude,

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