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25 Sep / Manifest True Love: 4-Week BodyTalk Healing Series, October 15-November 5, 2012

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In this four-week series, BodyTalk Practitioner and love/dating expert Heather Strang shares inspired and spiritual tools for manifesting true love – whether you’re single or want to bring more love into your current relationship. Join Heather as you release the unconscious belief systems and fears that may be keeping true love out of your life, experience deeper love of self and open your heart to yourself and others on a profound level.

You’ll receive:

  • 4 group BodyTalk healing sessions with other like/love-minded individuals.
  • 4 weekly coaching worksheets to guide you to go deeper within, containing heart and love-opening practices.
  • Unlimited email access to Heather for intuitive guidance and support.
  • Group forum for support, ideas and exploration with other members of the Manifest True Love community.

Weekly details:

October 15, 7pm-8:30pm
Preparing for True Love – Heart Opening

October 22, 7pm-8:30pm
Healing Core Wounds – A Look at the Messages We Received

October 29, 7pm-8:30pm
Envisioning Your Vision – Connecting With Your Inner Wisdom

November 5, 7pm-8:30pm
Living As Love – BE-ing Who You Really Are

More about Heather:

Heather has been on a quest to manifest true love for as long as she can remember. While living in Kauai writing her first book Anatomy of the Heart: Love Poems she realized that experiencing true intimacy and love was an important aspect of her life purpose. She has written and coached others about love (and additional topics) since 2008, serving as a dating columnist and singles event host for HipFish Monthly and featured in The Oregonian as a dating expert. Her first novel, The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic is Heather’s latest foray into sharing the power of true love with others.

Then, through a series of health crisis’ Heather was led to BodyTalk – a healing system that allows the body/mind/spirit to be brought into balance – thus allowing miracles (like loving oneself and manifesting true love!) to occur daily.  She has combined her love knowledge along with the power of consciousness-based healing to manifest true love in her life and wants to share this process with the world.

Today, you’ll find Heather working on her second spiritual romance novel, hosting BodyTalk healing circles and series’ (like Manifest True Love) and sharing with clients one-on-one.

You can read more of her story here. Or visit her at: www.HeatherStrang.com.

Register today for only $225 to join this powerful and inspired healing series!

What People Are Saying:

“This 4 weeks did more for me than 2 years of counseling!” -M.O., 42

“Through the gentle work of BodyTalk, not only did I find a path to manage my chronic pain, but I cleared the obstacles and old patterns that were keeping me from finding love. As my BodyTalk sessions progressed, Heather and I both recognized the shift and could feel my partner moving into my life. When he finally appeared, I knew that I was ready and was able to embrace the risk to reap the reward of love. For the past several months I have been enjoying a relationship built on mutual respect, affection, fun and true partnership. I know that I would not have been open to this kind of love without BodyTalk.” -N.S. 34

“I felt very, very supported and never judged by Heather. She was always so quick to respond with her intuitive wisdom, always “right on.” It was (is) quite a journey of self-discovery…Heather made me feel extremely safe, so I was able to go to all the places I needed (and still do) to go!

My intuition is off the charts right now after our sessions. There is psychic energies abounding! So much so that Heather was having a dream about me and a career path (that I was already taking) while I was emailing her at 3:33 am!

In the end, I found the true love I was calling in was SELF-LOVE. the pressure of finding “him” is lifted. Now I am relaxing into my own journey while we are finding our way to each other.  Trusting I am right on schedule!!”-J.C., 36

“I enjoyed feeling the changes, I loved seeing the changes in others! I really enjoyed the great sleep that followed each session. I enjoyed getting to know others and making connections, and I really appreciated the things I learned through the worksheets, such as learning to hear guidance. Lots of good stuff!” -G.O, 29

“We need to invest in ourselves to stay alive and to grow. Body Talk is the first modality I’ve ever met that truly deals with healing and self-exploration from a comprehensive and systematic approach. I don’t understand it all, but the sessions and the people resonated very deeply with me…I will definitely participate in Heather’s intensives in the future. Loved it and highly recommend Heather’s work!” -K.B, 44

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If you can’t make the in-person group healing circles, you can still join us!

Callin information available for people outside of the Portland area. If you miss a session, you’ll receive the healing remotely along with a downloadable recording of the healing to listen to at your convenience.

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Feel free to leave questions in the comments section below or email Heather directly.

The Fine print:
Please note:
Limited space available. Reserve today.
Cancellation Policy:
A minimum of 7 days notice is required. Payment will be applied to a future healing series or one-on-one sessions.


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