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29 Apr / NaPoWriMo: Day 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

Wow, how this week has flown! I’ve been writing, but not posting, so here we go…


No permanence
It’s all up for grabs
Nothing lasts forever
And it seems such a negative way to see the world
But the Buddha said it best
Damn Buddha.


Sudden Realization

Everything I’ve been told is gone
Long gone
Here I am standing
Amidst beautiful, thin, tall, handsome, sexy people
Uncertain, unworthy and unprepared
Searching for guidance
I realize it is only my hand that
I have to hold
It is only me
To dance this one, last dance
So, here I go, here I flow
May god help me.



Sun shines through bonsai trees
While orange leaves with red tips blow
Ever silently in the breeze.

We sit on plum benches, sipping from delicate tea cups
Letting the majestic oneness of this qi take us away
To 16th century China, to gardens created purposefully for the delight of the soul.

A study, a lounge, a gazebo and intricate carvings
Tell us an important story
We lean in to listen more closely.

Outside, the city bustles
But we can’t hear it, and we don’t want to
Instead, we sip tea and remember simplicity.


The Dog In My Dreams

I feel him
I cannot see him
Or grasp anything but the color
Of his hair.
It’s golden brown
And he feels so warm.
He loves me, I am sure of it
And I, I am crazy in love with him
But I can’t see him
I can only feel him
I strain to recapture any image of him
I give up, hoping he’ll return
Knowing that when I meet him, face-to-face
I will know
And he will be mine forever.


Trey Mikael

You scared me at first.
You were blue and silent
wet, with a cord so close to your neck
I stopped breathing momentarily
frightened that you would not be alright.
She rubbed your little, puffed up chest
and you began to scream, bloody murder.
You were not happy with us
0r happy with the last 16 hours really.
Being pushed and pulled and finally
dragged by your neck into this new world.
Nurses surrounded you and you screamed louder
I took pictures – did the flash startle you?
I turned it off as soon as I could
I was eager to reach out to you, to touch you.
As they wiped you down, rather roughly, I thought
I spoke to you
I told you how much I loved you.
When your dad held you, I whispered quietly in your ear
and you stopped crying.
Your eyes, heavy from the drama of birth
shuffled over to the sound of my voice.
It was familiar, wasn’t it?
I had been talking to you for some time now
You were tired, your mom was tired, we were all exhausted
It was 3:30am after all.
But all of that to say, thank you
Thank you for coming into this world Trey
for choosing us as your new family in this crazy, mad little world of ours.

Thank you.

Copyright 2011 Heather Strang

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