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11 Mar / Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free & Low Sugar Portland – My Top Picks

While I reserve the right to add to this list at any given time (whenever a food adventure allows me to!), I have to share with you some of my top picks right now for eating gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and low sugar in Portland, Ore. I feel so grateful to live in such a creative culinary place – filled with delicious, healthy food. Check it out!

Best Coffee House
Bean & Tree: Try their decaf hemp lattes, caffeine-free chai tea with almond/hemp milk or try coconut milk steamed. Wheat-free, vegan blueberry muffin is great as well. Skip the gluten-free chocolate chips – unless you can tolerate dairy.

Best Patisserie
Jade Teahouse: You have got to try their white chocolate with sea salt macaroon. It’s pure ectasy. Everything on the menu is gluten-free and their pastries are incredible in all ways. Also try out their curry. They have a full dinner menu with eclectic, tasty offerings.

Best Food Cart
Buddha Bites at the PSU carts: Their gluten-free bread is like REAL sandwich bread. Try their turkey, avocado, bacon panini (with gf bread!) and you will be in heaven. Everything on the menu is good, but the sandwich wins!

Best Burger
Dick’s Kitchen: The Elk burger is amazing and it’s from local farmers on a sustainable farm. I got mine on a bed of lettuce, but Dick’s offers a gluten-free bun. The fries are incredible – and are baked. Everything on the menu is geared towards a low-inflammation diet, so plenty of gluten-free and dairy-free offerings. They even have diet gingerale, which is delish in Maker’s Mark (if you can tolerate Whiskey) or potato vodka.

Best Pizza
Mississppi Pizza: I love pizza and so, I have eaten my way through PDX looking for the perfect gluten-free pizza. I found it here! Now, if you need it to be vegan and egg-free you can call ahead to have them prepare the dough. I can tolerate a little bit of dairy over soy, so I went with light mozzarella cheese, the red marinara sauce, chicken, spinach, red onions and sundried tomatoes. I was in pure heaven. The crust is thicker than most GF crusts and tastes absolutely delicious. It’s a must try! They also offer GF cookies.

Best Steak & Potatoes
Clyde Common: Not a traditional gluten-free establishment, but their grilled steak and potatoes (and harissa fries) were so orgasmic (and gf/df/soy-free), I had to include them here. The service is fantastic and the food is made primarily local and fresh to order.

Best Sustainable Sushi
Bamboo Sushi: Sustainable fish and practices make this the best sushi you will find. The fish is the freshest I’ve ever tried. While their prices aren’t cheap, you will feel so good inside and outside you’ll be thrilled you indulged in this naturally gluten/dairy/sugar-free food. Let them know you have a soy allergy to stay away from any potential allergens.

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  • Mark Fuller

    Super healthy foods here. It is a must that we keep an eye on what we eat from time to time. These are list of places where you can do a healthy dining. Thank you for sharing this post! It is good to stay healthy while we can 😀

  • Amy FJ

    Bamboo is great but they do use refined sugar in their rice. 🙁

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