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04 Apr / NaPoWriMo – Day 4 – The Dancer

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The Dancer

Who is this dancing girl?
This girl who craves
And flip-flops on a sunny
Who reads poetry
While sipping tea
And dreaming of where she’ll live

Who is this girl who questions everything?
Who believes nothing is
Truly simple
And who must assign
Meaning to every
Every sign,
Every mark
Along the way

Who is this girl who is no longer a girl?
Trying to figure out what
Intimacy between friends,
Between lovers,
Between strangers,
Between family
Really is
Hoping that somehow she can figure it all out
Through a poem, or a song or a dance

Who is this girl who loves to create?
A new recipe
A new groove
A new life
Quite possibly for the very act of
With the dream that
In the end
It will mean something remarkable

This girl, this woman, this lover, this creator is
And there are no labels
Or definitions or confines
Or even a box big enough to contain
My spirit.
It will soar
Simply because
It is meant too.

-Heather Strang
© 2009

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