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30 Mar / A Birthday & An Earth Machine – The Journey Continues

So this last week I turned another year older. 31.

I really dug 30, so I had some resistance in embracing 31.
Although, a week in, I have to say that it’s pretty awesome.
My journey continues on…I finished The Call by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and walked away with some very BIG realizations. In the midst of all of that, I’m reading Rumi – and loving every juicy, delicious minute of it.

This morning I woke up early, read A LOT of Rumi and then proceeded to write 4 poems that I absolutely love. It keeps happening like this. Inspiration and writing, combined with voracious reading. I read some more of Maya Angelou’s work, including a biography written about her. Such an amazing woman.

And I realized that when you are destined for greatness, as Maya was, nothing in the world can keep you from it. Even though her path went in one bumpy direction (early pregnancy, prostitution, drug use, etc.), the Universe made sure the right opportunities came her way so she could be the great force that she is in the world today.

It’s comforting, this realization.
To know that if I’m meant to write a best-selling novel I will. If I’m not, that’s okay – I’ll do something else that will impact the world. And there is nothing I have to do to “make” it happen, except for listen to my heart and follow the direction it points me in.

Right now it’s pointing me in the direction of writing, reading, rest, walking, cooking (my fridge is EXPLODING with vegetarian, delicious food!), coaching, meditating and BEE-ING.

In addition, I had my official composting training and we have what’s called an Earth Machine (see photo above). Now, I’m able to compost effortlessly and easily. It feels good to be eating local, organic food and then taking care of it in a sustainable way.

My birthday ended up being AWESOME. I spent an entire day (the day before my b-day) at the Grand Hyatt spa – I hit up everything: the steam room (infused with eucalyptus!), the sauna, hot tub, pool, cafe, gym, outdoor shower and yummy products. Leaving there, I felt like a million bucks.

Monday, my actual b-day, I worked, but Rich and I went to watch the sunset and then went to dinner at Roy’s. They printed “Happy Birthday Heather” in the menu and served me a chocolate, flourless cake. I had a BLAST!

Today, was 80 and sunny – I spent it doing exactly what I love: sleeping in, reading, writing, cooking, spending time at the beach and in the ocean, going for a walk, talking with my soul sister’s in Portland, watching reality TV (Tough Love is officially my new favorite show) and just relaxing.

So, 31, let’s go!
I’m ready to see where my road leads to next.

Much love,
xoHeather 🙂

Pictures top to bottom:
-Surfers at Shipwrecks beach
-Me at the Taro fields
-The Earth Machine!
-Me & Rich at Roy’s
-Me blowing out my candle 😉
-The menu – everyone made me feel SO welcome there!

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