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08 Feb / Happy Valentine’s Day (and Week)! Spread the Love Here…

Valentine’s Day may appear to be just another overly commercialized and silly American holiday, BUT, I encourage you to push aside your apathy and instead take time to ponder what love is to YOU.

We throw the word around so frequently, it can be tough to really know what it is. And not just in words – what does love feel like to you? Where do you feel love in your body?

For me, my heart chakra swells and tears form when I think about those I love. I have the overwhelming urge to hug them and connect with them, in any way possible. I find it most easy to express my love through writing, but I also know how important it is to make eye contact with a loved one and tell them in the most simple, yet beautiful way possible that I do, in fact, love them.

Love, to me, is the unconditional reaction to care for, be present with and honor a person in your life. It means that no matter what the outside circumstances are in life, you love them. In addition, to me love is about ACTION. Actions show priority and when I love, I work hard to make sure I’m showing my feelings. Without that extra step, the kind words, a hug, or a thoughtful gift–how will the people in my life know that I love them?

I’m working on a project around this topic – so I await your responses. What is love to YOU?
Submit your answers/ideas here! Or, email me at: heather@heatherstrang.com.

And in the meantime, reflect and write down the names of the people in your life that you truly love. Then, make a point to show them in a special way that is all your own.

Oh, and be sure to check out Byron Katie’s most excellent article on love. Self-love is a HUGE area that I coach often on, as it also happens to be one of the biggest pieces missing from the love puzzle. More on that in the very near future…

Much love to YOU,
Heather 🙂

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