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19 Jan / Healthy Models Coalition Encourages Us to Break the Dysfunction

As a woman, I have been both disgusted and mortified as our culture continues to promote an anorexic, underweight body as the body type of choice. The result of this campaign of unhealthiness? Record numbers of perfectly fantastic women denying themselves food and purging when they do–heaven forbid–eat.

Meanwhile, we’ve all sat around apathetic as unhealthy looking models and actresses are offered up as the status quo.

So, what can we do?
-Cancel all subscriptions to “beauty” magazines of any kind.
-Stop watching television shows that promote these unhealthy attitudes (I just nixed having TV all together.)
-Speak up! See a girl/woman in need–go talk to her. See/hear a man/woman making negative comments about women’s bodies? Call them on it.
-Write to your favorite actresses/models who are underweight and share your thoughts. Better yet, write to his/her agent as well.
-Join the Healthy Models Coalition.

Change starts with us, so it’s important that we first have a healthy body image and feel good about ourselves. Working with a skilled counselor or coach may be necessary. Then, we can stop spending money towards enterprises that fuel these unhealthy images. From there, joining organizations that adore women and treat them as goddesses – no matter what the size (I’m thinking Bitch mag, Planned Parenthood, Codepink) is in order.

What else can we do? Follow in the steps of France, who has banned all anorexic looking models!!! Those French people, are SO ahead of us…But, perhaps with the Obama administration, our country will work towards being healthy in every way. It’s time for the dysfunction to end.

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-Heather 🙂

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  • Kyla

    thanks so much for picking up on this! These are great ideas! I’ll link to you too. best, Kyla

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