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16 Nov / Must-Read for Any Writer: The Geography of Love

While wondering through Wordstock last weekend, I stumbled upon an author reading words very familiar to my heart.

“I grew from a child to a young woman, and the question “Why?” seesawed for dominance within my life with the bleakness of “Oh well.” Short on answers but long on questions, I learned to protect myself, to avoid the complicated detours in favor of more well-traveled paths. For me, these paths were particularly barren in matters of the heart…I think back to the sweet high school boyfriend who just seemed to like me, the pothead intellectural in college whose sense of independence taught me to think for myself, the business graduate student from Wyoming who stepped in and kept the world steady after my father died. What was wrong with me? Why were they all so good and so not right?” —Glenda Burgess, The Geography of Love

Weren’t those my very same thoughts…just this morning?

Captivated, I sat down and listened to this amazing woman read from her book and talk about her journey as an author–first writing fiction and then this memoir, because she simply had to–her life demanded it.

Later on that day, as I went to leave Wordstock, a voice inside nudged me back to the Powell’s booth so that I could buy Geography of Love. I could NOT put it down and finished it this week (despite a tremendous amount of coaching and writing work to do!).

This book is incredible. It gives us a peek into real love, in all it’s glory and pain, telling the story of Burgess and her husband, Ken. It’s written beautifully, and often moved me to tears (my sign of a truly great book!).

In addition, I just wanted to write after reading this book–with all the eloquence that Burgess writes.

So, pick up Geography of Love today. It is such a gift, in so many ways.

Happy writing!
Heather 🙂

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