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29 Jun / Portland Musician Worth Checking Out

One of the great things about Portland is the variety and depth of talented musicians living in our city. It’s an absolute mystery to me how someone as talent-less as Britney Spears or Fergie can make it big, while our city is filled with celebrity-status musicians that the world still doesn’t know about.

Real musicians can actually play instruments (shocking!), sing beautifully AND look hot! Who woulda thought?

Last night I had the pleasure of discovering Tony Smiley at the Buffalo Gap off of Macadem Ave. Picture Johnny Depp (a good combo of 21 Jump Street, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and Pirates of the Carribean), with a sexy hot voice and amazing musical skills. Not bad, right? You’ve got to check this guy out. He’s incredible!

So, get on Myspace, make him your friend and go visit his next show. You won’t be disappointed!

-Heather 🙂

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  • Courtney

    Great entry. Thanks for the reminder.

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