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13 Jun / Mini-Breaks For the Writer’s Soul

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Recently, I interviewed Judith McGee for LadyAdvisor.com — besides being absolutely fabulous, she also encouraged and advocated mini-vacations. I decided to take her advice and booked a 3night/4day vacation in sunny (and hot!) Las Vegas.

For the first time ever, I didn’t take an ounce of work or homework with me. I took books, like Mastery of Love and The Celestine Prophecy instead. I wrote poetry. About crazy drunk people in swimming pools. But, whatever. The point was I was thinking and writing creatively and completely outside my norm. It felt soooo good!

I laid by the pool in 90 degree heat and looked at my life back in the Pacific NW in a whole new way. I felt gratitude. And when I returned 4 days later, I was ready to dive back in…

What’s your favorite mini-break vacation spot?
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Happy Writing!
Heather 🙂

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  • center

    Dear Heather, Im new to this computer stuff but I came accross your blog. Was it a blog? Any way I enjoyed what you wrote about your vacation and your stress. I am a great reader and I think what cought my eye was that you write. I wish I could write a great novel someday but dont wait for it. Im 65 years old and just learning this computer, so maybe the book will have to wait. Keep up the great work, Judie

  • Courtney

    Hey Heather – you should totally start a coaching blog. You can offer education, scenarios, exercises and advice. As a matter of fact, I don’t think you really have a choice here, you NEED a coaching blog.

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