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08 Oct / Peace Is The Way

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way.” –A.J. Muste

Okay, so we’ve all heard this quote a million times, but for some reason, its been ringing in my ears. While reading Anatomy of Spirit by Caroline Myss (the chapter covering the second chakra in particular), I am struck and inspired by her account of a client who was dealing with health issues in his chakra and was overcome by work/anxiety, etc. Myss suggested he make a peace contract with himself, since he was a lawyer. I read this passage over 2 weeks ago, but have not been able to stop thinking about it.

And so, while spending 5 days on the beautiful Oregon Coast – Brookings to be exact, where it was sunny and warm all week! – I made a peace contract with myself, a non-lawyer. The action in itself filled me up, making me feel more committed to a cause I could really get behind – myself. For the first time in my life I made commitments to myself and no one else. It was at once liberating and blissful.

To create your own peace contract, which I wholeheartedly suggest if you feel called to it, you can follow my outline:

-Begin with: I, (name), do so solemnly swear on (date) to live my life with the sole purpose of peace.

-Create your peace “rules” in the areas of: work, romantic relationships, your body, health (nutrition/exercise, etc.), friendships, family, career, vision for the future, daily interactions, spirituality and daily practice.

-Read it out loud – either looking at yourself in the mirror, or as I did facing the ocean.

-Read it daily out loud or to yourself to cement this commitment in your life.

When my purpose every day is peace, so much of what doesn’t matter falls away. I’m finding it allows me to fully allow life to unfold, as opposed to forcing it. A truly lovely place to be. My writing is flowing with more ease and certainly more purpose. I’m loving it!

Please share your calls to peace if you feel so inclined…
-Heather 🙂

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