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15 Oct / Keys to Being a Full-time Writer

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Lately I’ve been asked about how to make it as a writer. Apparently, the idea that writers must be starving artists still exists. Fortunately, that’s not only NOT the case, it’s perfectly possible to make a great living as a full-time writer. Even better, there isn’t some magical formula, but actually just good ole’ common sense and the belief that you CAN in fact be a full-time writer (see concept of Law of Attraction for more on this).

The following is my list of “how-to” make it as a successful writer in today’s world:

-Say good-bye to traditional forms of writing.
When I first started out as a writer, I thought that I would write for national magazines that I loved, like SELF, Real Simple, Cosmo and the like. What I’ve learned is that in order to stay alive, print publications sell “stories” to publicists or advertisers. Editorial isn’t always editorial and more often than not it’s advertorial. Once I realized that traditional markets were struggling to survive, I turned my attention to un-traditional pub’s that will allow you to write, no purchase necessary. Explore the world of on-line writing – that’s where it’s at. Blogs and online pubs make up the majority of my writing. And I love it! Now, anyone in the world can read my writing, at any time.

-Allow change to occur.
Businesses change. Being able to flow with these changes is paramount. When I started out, I took whatever writing gigs came my way. Over time, I was able to carve out a niche (and learn what I love and don’t love!) and create a writing flow that best reflected my interests and passions. Recently, after letting almost all of my business writing go, I was approached to write a resume for a wonderful lady. I loved her energy and agreed to take on the project. It’s been a blast! The same with my journaling workshops – I originally started out volunteer teaching girls groups. From there, it morphed into paying gigs and lots of learning for me. Flow with the change of your business. Each adjustment will get you closer to your true dream.

-Attend conferences & workshops.
Get networked in the writing community. Absolutely attend conferences, like the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Ore. I met my current agent and some lovely writer friends at this year’s conference. It also inspired about 1000 new ideas and helped reinvigorate my passion for what I do. Don’t miss these. There’s also a Maui Writer’s Conference which I hope to attend within the next year or so. These are gems for your writing career. Do not miss them.

-Get out of the office.
For the love of god – you are in a mobile environment, so BE mobile. This is something I’ve struggled with enormously, but over time have learned to love the opportunity to write at a local (or beach) cafe. Getting out of your element frees up your creativity and allows the right projects to come your way. At any given time, when I leave the office for a day or two, new projects, people and abundance come my way. When your energy isn’t desperately tied to your desk, more good can come in.

If you have other suggestions that have made all the difference for you, please add them in the comments section.

Look forward to connecting with you!
Heather 🙂

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