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31 Jan / Kauai, Here I Come

I’m taking a vacation.

A real, genuine vacation.
Sadly, I realized yesterday that the last time I took a full week off it was 1998! How sad is that? Typical American – but no more. I’ve made a commitment to TWO vacations every year from here on out. I also have big plans to play like the Europeans do and take 6 weeks of vacation – you know – after I’m a millionaire.

That being said – in honor of my vacation – I encourage each of you to do one thing that you would normally do on a vacation. Get a pedicure, a massage, don’t check your email for a day – something incredibly indulgent and just for you.

Because, c’mon – you deserve it.

And to soothe your cold, tired self, check out the great place I’m headed – Po’ipu Beach in Kauai. Also, you can view the lyrics (and maybe download) my theme song for my trip.

I plan to report back after Feb. 12th with pictures and amazing stories of meditation, insights, and a whole new attitude on life. How’s THAT for a vacation goal?

Much love!

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