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30 Jan / Dharma update

Hey folks,

It’s week 4 of the Dharma case study. Progress to date? Her IBS has vanished, 4 1/2 pounds gone, including 4 inches and she has more energy. Not bad, eh? Removing processed grains, dairy and sugar really makes a difference in your overall health. To step up the weight loss – a regular workout program and more attention to portions should do the trick.

“Well, I am going on week four of my WF, DF and low sugar and it now seems like an effortless part of my life (more than I ever imagined). As far as weight loss goes, I have honestly been losing more inches than pounds. This week’s weigh in makes 4 and a half pounds total and I have lost 2 inches around my abdomen, 1 around my waist and 1 around my chest. Yahoo! I am feeling very good about the results and I look forward to more in the future. I am definitely, without a doubt going to continue with this way of eating because of how it makes me feel.

I do think over the next few weeks I will practice more portion control. I haven’t really exercised much of that so far because I did not want to feel totally deprived!

This is a journey and a process. Everyday I learn more and more about my body and I love that! The thing that has become crystal clear to me is that the body IS like a machine and its performance is almost completely dependent on how you fuel it. That sounds clique-ish but this eating program has proven that to me.

I would encourage anyone, with or without weight to lose, to give this a chance. It is soooo worth it!

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