Heather Strang | Spiritual Teacher & Author

It’s no accident that you are here, reading these words.
In fact, actions, nudges, signs and synchronicities were all set into motion so that you would be here today, at this very time, reading these very words.

You see, life is a Divine unfolding filled with Magic at every turn. Every single person, every single experience, every breath out of your mouth is a Divine offering, an invitation really to step into – more fully – living the life you actually came here for.

You didn’t come here for stress or struggle. You didn’t come here to pander to your self-sabotage and go round and round in your life unfolding. You didn’t come here to be in pain or heartache.

You came here to remember.

You came here to awaken.

You came here to from that remembered, awakened place go forth and co-create with the aid of your Angels & Guides of the Highest Light, Source/God and your Higher Self (what we call your Higher Wisdom), the most incredible lifetime you’ve ever lived.

A lifetime that is truly Spirit-Led – letting the Spirit of who you really are and your connection with your Higher Wisdom guide you while fully enjoying the benefits of being in a body.

If you are here you are most likely empathic, intuitive, a what some would call a “highly sensitive person”, you have gifts you may not yet understand.

We call you Advanced Souls.

You’ve lived many, many lifetimes and have come here in this lifetime for the purpose of supporting the alignment and evolution of the planet into what it truly is and what it is truly meant to be – through doing this for yourself first and foremost and then shining that aligned Light into the world through your gifts.

You may feel confused and overwhelmed at times by your gifts and that deep, deep longing and calling within your Soul.

I understand, I’ve had a similar journey. And today, I support individuals all over the globe in living the life they actually came here to live – a Spirit-Led life – a joyous, abundant, peace-filled, Love-full life experience, supporting the expansion and evolution of the planet through self-alignment first, followed by giving one’s gifts to the part of the world you are here to positively impact.

Perhaps you are now ready to commit fully to being who you truly are and giving your gifts in a way that is abundant, joyful and Love-filled?

If so, follow the pages below to receive the answer to your deep Soul call…





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That reason is whispering inside of you. That reason is in every opportunity, in every gift you possess, and in every person you Love. That reason is bursting at the seams within you, trying to get your attention through a variety of synchronicities and events in your life experience. Be. Who. You. Really. Are. Now. And enjoy every moment of this journey because you are You, and that is worth celebrating.